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Are you a recent graduate looking to gain experience working at the Ontario Legislature?  If so, applying to the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme (OLIP) might be a good fit for Jim with former legislative intern Rebecca Scott at Queen's Parkyou. 

Created in 1975, OLIP provides recent university graduates with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the legislative process by providing internship opportunities in the offices of Members of Provincial Parliament.  Each intern splits their year working one half with a member of the opposition, and another with a member of the government.

The programme runs from September to June each year and provides young people with practical experience in the day to day work of the Legislature while also allowing them to supplement their academic training through regular academic discussions and the writing of an academic paper on a topic of their choice. Interns also have the opportunity to visit other legislatures to ensure a comprehensive knowledge of the legislative process.

Jim has hosted several interns over the years and encourages constiutnets to apply to the programme; however, as it is a non-partisan initiative of the legisalture, he is unable to provide references for applicants.

For more information, please visit the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme website.

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