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Liberals endanger pilots and public safety by approving turbines

(February 12, 2016) Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have snubbed local residents and municipal officials in Simcoe-Grey by giving a green light to Wpd Canada's wind turbine project near the Collingwood Regional Airport, local MPP Jim Wilson said Friday morning.

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment said Thursday it has issued a Renewable Energy Approval for Wpd's Fairview Wind Project.

"This is absolutely outrageous that the government would do something like this," Wilson said. "Why anyone in their right mind would approve eight 500-foot turbines near the Collingwood airport and Stayner is beyond me."

For years now, Wilson and local municipal leaders have lobbied the Liberal government to give a thumb's down to the Wpd project, saying the turbines pose a threat to planes using the Collingwood Regional Airport.

"Let me tell you if one life is lost, I'll personally hold Premier Wynne accountable," Wilson said.

A recent study by area municipalities found the turbine project will have significant negative impacts on the airport and neighbouring lands, points Wilson and others made when arguing why the Wpd proposal was wrong for the area.

"I'm really disappointed in the government," Wilson said. "So many people in our riding put a lot of work into showing why this proposal was bad. Unfortunately, the Liberals just don't seem to care."


For more information call:
Michael Gennings
Office of Jim Wilson, MPP for Simcoe-Grey

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