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Premier must restore local decision making

(January 14, 2016) Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government need to do the right thing and restore local decision making for renewable energy projects, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson said Thursday.

Wilson made the remarks just days after the Township of Clearview and the Town of Collingwood issued a damning report on the economic impacts of the Wpd Fairview Wind Project that's slated for just south of the Collingwood Regional Airport.

The proposal calls for eight 500-foot wind turbines, however, the economic impact report states the project will have significant negative impacts on the airport and neighbouring lands.

"This study shows what we have all known for years now: that you don't put industrial wind turbines beside an airport. It's simply a ludicrous idea. And thanks to this study we now have solid evidence the wind turbine proposal will cause economic harm to the region," Wilson said.

In 2013, Wilson introduced a Private Member's Bill calling on the Liberal government to restore local planning powers, but the government did not allow the bill to become law.

"I once again call on the Premier to do the right thing: listen to what the people of Simcoe-Grey are saying. Listen to what people are saying elsewhere in the province. Restore local planning power for renewable energy projects. Don't force wind turbines and solar farms on communities that don't want them, especially when there is evidence these projects will damage the economy."



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