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Wilson Urges Premier to Address Crisis in Long-Term Care

(July 30, 2015) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson penned an open letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne today urging her to address the growing crisis in long-term care and, in particular, the difficulties his constituent, Mr. Jim Lees, is experiencing find a long-term care bed. Wilson has been raising the issue with the Liberal government for close to a decade, most recently on behalf of Mr. Lees.

"Mr. Lees is classified as a critical case—the highest priority—and yet he has been waiting for over four months for a bed in long-term care," wrote Wilson. "Over the past few months he has suffered injuries, been over medicated and shifted back and forth to hospital... Premier, this is a very troubling situation that continues to be ignored by your government. Why has your government not done anything to help Mr. Lees or others in his situation?"

Wilson first raised Mr. Lees case in the Ontario Legislature in May of this year. Since that time he has been following the situation closely asking for weekly updates from the Minister of Health. Wilson hopes his open letter to the Premier will increase public awareness and pressure the government into examining the issue.

"Without question, long-term care is one of the biggest issues that I deal with in my constituency offices," said Wilson. "There is such a huge waiting list to get into local homes that many seniors are suffering and often being forced to travel out of their own home communities to find space. It's a real crisis that this government needs to address."

Long-term care facilities in Ontario are 99.9 per cent full 100 per cent of the time. Locally, every facility has a waitlist as per the chart below:

Long-Term Care Home                                Number of Beds                       Number of People on Waitlist

Bay Haven Nursing Home (Collingwood)                60                                                      82
Collingwood Nursing Home                                   60                                                      31
Creedan Valley Care Community (Creemore)         95                                                        9
Errinrung Residence (Thornbury)                          60                                                      17
Good Samaritan Nursing Home (Alliston)               64                                                    106
Sara Vista Nursing Centre (Elmvale)                      59                                                      48
Simcoe Manor (Beeton)                                      126                                                    212
Stayner Nursing Home                                         49                                                      35
Sunset Manor (Collingwood)                               148                                                      232

NOTE: These are wait times reported by the CCAC as of June 2015


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