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Kathleen Wynne Fails to Deliver on Auto Insurance

(July 24, 2015) One issue that I hear about consistently from Ontarians is the Kathleen Wynne Government's inability to control the cost of auto insurance. Rising costs have become a major problem in Ontario during the past decade. We have seen the Liberal government make promises, but they have failed to deliver anything substantive.

In the 2003 election campaign, the Liberals promised to "reduce premiums by an average of at least 10%" within 90 days of forming government. Ten years later, in the 2013 Ontario Budget, the Liberals made the same promise only this time they said they would reduce premiums 15% by August 2015. In reality, the Liberals have not met their own targets. In fact, according to the Financial Service Commission of Ontario latest report on auto insurance premiums—released July 15th—rates went up by 0.6 percent in the second quarter of 2015.

The Liberal government has failed time and again to reduce auto insurance premiums and it shows they either have had no plan to achieve their targets or they simply never intended to follow through with the promises they have made.

It is a startling trend for the Kathleen Wynne government—to say one thing and do the opposite. We've seen them do it recently with teachers, the deficit, and now with insurance rates.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the average auto premium in Ontario is now more than 45 per cent higher than Alberta's and twice as high as the Maritime Provinces.

In a 2011 report, the Fraser Institute blames this statistic on high levels of insurance fraud, regulations and accident benefit laws. Needed reforms my colleagues and I have been pushing for years.

There is no reason this issue has waffled on for over a decade.

The Liberals failure to meet their promise of rolling back insurance rates is merely the latest in a long list of broken promises from the Wynne Liberals. A promise they only made to appease the NDP and heed off an election years ago.

Ontarians need a government that is working for them. High insurance premiums only mean less money in the pockets of everyday Ontarians and less investment in the economy and to attract more jobs to our communities in Simcoe-Grey.

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