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Wilson Continues To Fight Against Government Cuts to Physiotherapy for Seniors

Riverwood Retirement Home June 25 2015 3 WEBSITE

(June 25, 2015) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson was at Riverwood Retirement Home in Alliston this morning to receive an update firsthand on how government cuts to physiotherapy are impacting seniors. Wilson also sent a letter to Health Minister Eric Hoskins to relay the updated concerns.

"It has been almost two years since these cuts took effect and the numbers of falls and serious injuries in local nursing and retirement homes have increased dramatically," wrote Wilson. "One local retirement home reports 109 falls since November alone, which they attribute to residents loss of strength and mobility as a result of cuts to one-on-one onsite physiotherapy care."

In August 2013, the Liberal government cut physiotherapy funding for seniors by $60 million. Under the old system, seniors in retirement homes had one-on-one access to an onsite physiotherapist as much as three times a week. Since the changes, seniors are limited to group physiotherapy classes once a week. The result has led to reduced mobility. Although the government has since added $10 million back to physiotherapy services, the overall cut remains at $50 million.

"This government needs to make healthcare a priority," said Wilson. "At a time when seniors are already struggling to get the care they need I find it outrageous that we are seeing further cuts, including the $54 million in federal health transfer payments the Liberals stole in their latest budget."

"Billions have been wasted on scandals by this Liberal government and now, as a result, seniors are being left in despair," continued Wilson. "This government has developed a complete disregard for how their actions are impacting Ontarians, and it's unacceptable."

Wilson is committed to fighting for restored physiotherapy services and urges the public to sign his petition and write to the Premier directly to relay their concerns.

CLICK HERE to view or print the petition

CLICK HERE to view the letter sent to Health Minister Eric Hoskins

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