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VIDEO: Liberals Ultimately Responsible for Billing Errors at Hydro One

(May 28, 2015) Today in the Ontario Legislature, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson questioned the Premier over who will be held accountable for the billing errors at Hydro One as revealed by the Ontario Ombudsman in his Monday report.

"Mistreatment, abuse, deceit and deception are just a few of the words the Ontario Ombudsman used to describe Hydro One's business practice in his most recent report," charged Wilson. "When are you going to have somebody take responsibility ... for the months and months that [Hydro One] deceived the officers of this Legislature ... and impeded our ability to serve our constituents properly."

The Ombudsman report specifically stated that Hydro One employees deliberately hid billing errors and even deceived the electricity regulator and ombudsman's office along with other stakeholders. Wilson pointed out that employees even lied to the Minister of Energy directly.

"On December 17, 2013, the Minister of Energy's office wrote the Hydro One CEO asking about the absurdly high number of complaints about Hydro One's service. The CEO responded that everything was good and that the level of complaints was nothing to be concerned about. He told the Minister of Energy's office that, despite senior officials at Hydro One referring to the organization as being in crisis mode over the level of complaints," said Wilson.

Wilson continued, "Premier, has the CEO of Hydro One been held accountable for lying to the minister's office?"

Wilson reminded the Premier that Hydro One is a crown corporation for which the Minister of Energy is ultimately responsible. He asked the Premier if she will fire the minister for his complete incompetence on the file and apologize to customers who were misled.


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