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VIDEO: Liberal Dithering on Teacher Negotiations Creating Anxiety for Ontario Parents

(May 12, 2015) Children and their parents are being caught in the crossfire of the Liberal government's failed negotiations with teachers, charged Jim Wilson, PC MPP for Simcoe-Grey. Yesterday, the ETFO returned to the bargaining table, but that "lasted exactly 2 hours – so much for the Premier lighting a fire under the negotiators. With no settlement in sight, parents have a real fear that a full blown strike is very likely."

Garfield Dunlop, PC Education Critic, raised the concern that high school students who are out of class because of striking teachers are having their education compromised and will be further behind than other students who have not been affected. "You know they are being put at a severe disadvantage when not in the classroom for weeks. This failure of a system has dragged on long enough. This strike has dragged on long enough. Premier how can you let your dithering Minister of Education ruin the end of the school year for so many students?" asked Dunlop.

Additionally, Dunlop charged that the negotiating system is shown not to be working as every day goes by. "You blame all the issues on the local boards. But even if a local school board and union reach an agreement, it's all for not as a central agreement must be achieved – something that can't happen when no one is at the table. Premier, will you fire your Minister of Education and get the negotiations started again?


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