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VIDEO: Education System In Chaos; Minister Should be Fired

(May 11, 2015) The government has created huge uncertainty and chaos in the province's education system through its flawed negotiation process. "817,000 more students are now impacted by the chaos this government has created. The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of this Premier and this Education Minister," charged Jim Wilson, PC MPP for Simcoe-Grey. "The Education Minister can't get the job done and she won't step aside. Premier, will you fire your Minister of Education, end this chaos for Ontario parents and make sure their children get the full educational experience they deserve?"

Wilson went on to state that students are being used as pawns in this process and parents won't be receiving important information about their children's progress because of the situation in Ontario's elementary schools. No EQAO testing means that this important assessment process will be lost, and the absence of report card comments will keep parents in the dark.

"It is now obvious that no one seems to even know what the rules of the game are. Both the Education Minister and the leaders of the teachers' unions make conflicting comments about what's an issue at the central table and what's an issue at the local table. Is it any wonder that a settlement is nowhere in sight," asked Wilson.


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