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VIDEO: Liberal Government Out of Touch with Crisis in Long-Term Care

(May 5, 2015) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson is furious over the Liberal Government's neglect of long-term care in Ontario. Today in the Legislature, Wilson questioned the Health Minister over why a local man who is considered a crisis case has to wait months for a nursing home bed.

"My constituent, Mr. Jim Lees, is waiting for a long-term-care bed. While he waits, the Community Care Access Centre moved Mr. Lees from the hospital to a retirement home that even the CCAC has noted is not the right facility for him, not to mention that the family has paid over $14,000 for six weeks of care so far in that facility," said Wilson. "Will you help Mr. Lees? Or is this yet another example of the health care system we can expect from this government?"

The question was passed to the Associate Minister of Health who refused to specifically address Mr. Lees' case. Instead she very proudly pointed out that under Liberal leadership, wait times for long-term-care homes, for the most critical, remain at a whopping 116 days (four months). Wilson was not impressed with the response.

"Minister, the problem is—and you have not addressed it in your response—you haven't built a new nursing home bed, or long-term-care bed, in the last 12 years in this province ... It's a crisis out there." said Wilson. "When are you going to build some new beds and alleviate the problem across the province? Mr. Lees is just one [example]."

Wilson has been raising this issue with the Liberal government for years. The Liberals continue to ignore the growing crisis in long term care, forcing seniors to suffer needlessly.


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