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VIDEO: Liberal Road Maintenance Standards Costing Lives

(May 4, 2015) The Liberal government has been putting Ontarians' safety at risk for more than a decade due to its lax policy on road maintenance, PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson said today. "The Auditor General made it clear this government made our roads less safe," stated Wilson. "The companies the Premier picked to clear the roads used less equipment, less material, patrolled less often and were unable to meet even the minimum requirements. When the opposition brought it to your attention your entire caucus shrugged it off. Premier, why won't you take responsibility and apologize for your government putting Ontarians lives at risk?"

Additionally, PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris stated the government knowingly risked the lives of Ontario motorists to save a few dollars. "For five years continued lax standards meant uncleared roads that were the direct result of your government's flawed cost-cutting contracts," Harris charged. He continued by asking the Premier when she, as Minister of Transportation "first knew about the impacts of your performance-based winter road maintenance contracts and why you failed to act to fix them?"

Harris went on to say that the Premier owes the people of Ontario an explanation following her earlier contentions that the government wouldn't have introduced the cost-cutting contracts if safety was at issue or quality was going down. "Last week, the Auditor made it clear, quality did go down, and the safety of Ontarians put at risk...Premier – come clean...what did you know, and why did you fail to act – you owe the people of Ontario an explanation," concluded Harris.


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