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VIDEO: Liberal Government to Use Taxpayers' Dollars to Pay for "Campaign Advertising"

(April 30, 2015) The Liberal government is trying to quietly change the law with last week's budget to allow them to put out a bunch of self-congratulatory campaign ads – all at taxpayers' expense, charged Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson today in the Legislature.

Wilson pointed out that during the Auditor General's press conference held yesterday, Ms. Lysyk warned that the government's proposed changes to the Government Advertising Act would amount to "free campaign advertising". To make matters worse, when asked why the government was making these changes, Deputy Premier Deb Matthews pointed the finger at the Auditor General even though her office has rejected less than 1% of the government's proposed ads.

"Deputy Premier, why are you once again attacking the Auditor General to cover up your own partisan, political moves?" asked Wilson.

"Your proposed changes to the Government Advertising Act would threaten the credibility and reputation of the Auditor General. Yesterday, the Auditor General has basically said her Office is not going to play the part of your patsy," said Wilson, calling on the Liberal government to withdraw the proposed changes from the budget bill.

"We know this government is desperate to control the damage to its reputation" said Wilson, noting that for the first time, Ontarians have seen the unprecedented instance of a sitting Premier being interviewed by the OPP in a criminal investigation. "It's no wonder this government is looking for any means to repair that damage – particularly when they can get someone else to pay for it. Deputy Premier, your proposed changes are fooling no one – especially the Auditor General. Why are you asking taxpayers to pay for your partisan, campaign style ads?" Wilson asked.


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