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VIDEO: What Happened to the 54 Million Dollars Cut from Health Care in Last Thursday's Budget

(April 28, 2015) The Liberal government needs to explain to Ontarians why they cut $54 million dollars in health care from last Thursday's budget, charged Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson today in the Legislature.

Wilson pointed out that the Canada Health Transfer from the federal government increased by $652 million, however last Thursday's budget revealed that the province's health care budget increased by $598 million – a difference of $54 million.

"Premier, what did you do with the $54 million in federal health transfer that is missing from the provincial health care budget?" asked Wilson.

"Those funds are the equivalent of 9,000 long term care beds," said Wilson, noting that a constituent in his riding of Simcoe-Grey is forced to pay over $7,000 a month in a retirement home to cover the care he needs while he is desperately waiting for a long term care bed to become available.

"That money could have been used to fund the 20 new hospices that the Premier promised in the 2014 budget, including Matthew House in Alliston. Where has the $54 million gone?" Wilson asked.


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