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VIDEO: PC’s Five Budget Requests Key to Beginning Economic Turnaround

(April 22, 2015) The Ontario PC Caucus has put forward five sensible solutions and asked the government to include them in its 2015 budget. "Only by embracing the direction we have laid out will the province begin to turn the corner, stop hurting people and start on a path to a better economic situation," said PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson in the Legislature today, when speaking to his Party's Opposition Day Motion.

Over the last few weeks, the PC Caucus has asked the government to commit to:

• Walk away from the ORPP
• Not adopt a carbon tax
• Develop a plan to fix homecare
• Have a serious, credible and detailed plan to reduce the deficit by 2017-18
• Commit to reduce energy prices

Today, they asked the Legislative Assembly to agree that the 2015 budget should include these elements.

Wilson noted that "the Liberal government has spent the last 12 years driving up the debt and deficit in Ontario. We are seeing the impact of these failed policies as other necessary services are being crowded out. Special education teachers in Toronto are being let go. Hospital staff in many parts of the province are losing their jobs. School closures are looming. Home care continues to suffer. The path the government is on will just make that situation worse. This government needs to get its fiscal house in order and stop making the people of Ontario carry the burden for its overspending and lack of financial control. That is why we urge the House to support our motion."


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