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VIDEO: Why Won’t Government Stop Gouging People and Take PC Advice?

(April 22nd, 2015) In Question Period today, PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson asked the Deputy Premier if she would commit that tomorrow's budget would include the five budget requests the PC Caucus has laid out over the last few weeks. "We asked you to cancel the ORPP payroll tax because it will kill jobs. Cancel the carbon tax that will raise the price of everything in the province. Fix homecare and streamline services while tying CCAC funding to outcomes. Commit to reducing energy prices in the province...Provide a serious, credible and detailed plan to balance the budget. Will you take our advice and stop gouging Ontarians who can't afford to pay more than they already are?"

Wilson continued by talking about the harmful effects on Ontarians of many of the government's policies. "The ORPP will cost the province 18,000 jobs...electricity prices are set to rise 15% on May 1st, in addition to the 42% increase over five years that we already know about...rising interest payments on the debt means less money for important frontline services like health care and education."

Finally, with the government indicating that it wouldn't be open to considering the PC Caucus' five requests, Wilson asked "why won't you commit to our budget asks that will give hardworking Ontarians financial relief, better homecare and a credible plan to keep and create jobs in Ontario?"


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