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VIDEO: Wilson Hopeful Government Will Follow Through With Promise to Fund Matthews House Hospice

(March 25, 2015) Today in the Ontario Legislature, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson asked the Health Minister when the government will follow through with their campaign commitment to fund 20 new hospices, including Matthews House Hospice in Alliston.

Hospice Georgian Triangle in Collingwood is one of 37 hospices that are already receiving funding from the province.

"During the election campaign your government committed to fund 20 new hospices. You reaffirmed that commitment in last year's budget," said Wilson. "When are you going to take some pressure off our local hospitals and properly fund hospice care?"

In general, hospice facilities receive $90,000 per bed/per year in funding to assist in operational costs. Matthews House Hospice is one of four hospices currently operating without any funding from the province. Wilson believes investments in hospice care will save the province money and went on to mention how the Auditor General's 2014 report confirmed this finding.

"The Auditor General points out that hospice care is much cheaper than hospital care," said Wilson. "As an example, in the first six months of last year, Matthews House in my riding cared for 64 people at a cost of $254,000, all of that money raised by the community. Comparable care in hospital would have cost $608,000."

"Minister, I know your hearts in the right place, but there are people dying unnecessarily where they don't want to die... Will you do the right thing and live up to your commitments," questioned Wilson.

The Minister of Health praised Wilson for his support of the issue and acknowledged the government will follow through with their previous commitment to fund 20 new hospices. Wilson remains hopeful that Matthews House will be funded as part of this commitment.

Wilson first raised this issue in the Ontario Legislature 46 months ago. He is committed to seeing it through.

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