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VIDEO: Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson Speaks in Support of Ontario Farmers

(March 3rd, 2015) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson spoke in the Legislature today in support of Bill 40, the Agriculture Insurance Act, which, if passed, would allow for the creation of a livestock insurance program.

"It's about time the Government step up and be there for our farmers when they need us most," said Wilson. "No matter how good a farmer is at their job, there will always be circumstances outside of their it natural disasters, wild animals, or natural causes."

Livestock insurance would allow farmers to receive financial compensation in the event of the unexpected death of their animals. Although Wilson expressed support for the Bill, he did urge the Minister to open the program to a variety of commodities and implement the program quickly.

"Not only does the Minister control the timing of these programs, he also controls which commodities will be eligible," said Wilson. "I would encourage the Minister to make sure that he does not pick and choose only a few commodities."

"If you have livestock you have dead stock," said Wilson. "The government should be there to help when these unfortunate circumstances occur."

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