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VIDEO: Premier’s Double Standards on OPP Bribery Investigations Questioned

(March 2nd, 2015) The Premier's comments on the OPP investigation involving her deputy chief of staff have crossed a line, said Interim Ontario PC Leader Jim Wilson today.

"It is unethical for you to share your thoughts with law enforcement officials about how you expect their independent investigation to play out," Wilson said. "Premier, why did you feel it was appropriate to deviate from your standard 'no comment' position and actually profess an opinion on whether charges will be laid against your deputy chief of staff? Why is this criminal investigation different than the others?"

Wilson noted that the Premier had previously maintained that she could not comment on cases such as her former deputy education minister, Ben Levin, and the OPP investigation into deleted gas plant documents, but has stated on three occasions that she doesn't expect charges to be laid against Pat Sorbara.

Wilson also questioned why the Premier was refusing to remove Gerry Lougheed Jr. from the Greater Sudbury Police Services Board until the OPP investigation concludes. He reminded the Premier that she has the authority to revoke Mr. Lougheed's appointment through an Order-in-Council – something that has been done many times before. He also noted the Ontario Civilian Police Commission has previously stated that police services board members should act with the "highest levels of honesty and integrity."

"It should not take criminal charges or convictions to prove Mr. Lougheed Jr. fell below that standard," said Wilson. "It simply takes listening to Mr. Olivier's recordings."


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