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Premier Needs to Show Integrity by Taking Bribery Scandal Seriously

(February 20, 2015) Interim Leader Jim Wilson and Ontario PC House Leader Steve Clark called again on the Premier to demonstrate integrity by temporarily removing Liberal operatives from their provincial jobs until political bribery investigations have concluded.

"It's astounding that the Premier would continue to drag her feet on taking appropriate action. It casts tremendous suspicion on her motives," said Wilson. "In refusing to demand that Patricia Sorbara and Gerry Lougheed Jr. step aside from their public positions until investigations are concluded, the Premier has brought dishonour to her office."

"Kathleen Wynne is disgracing the office of Premier with her denials and weasel words. She should be ashamed," said Clark, noting that the recording of Sorbara's conversation with former Liberal candidate Andrew Olivier contradicted the Premier's claims that a decision had already been made to appoint a candidate in the Sudbury by-election.

"It is beneath the dignity of the Premier's office to continue turning a blind eye to the very serious allegations of wrong-doing," said Clark. "How can anyone trust the Premier if she won't ask Pat Sorbara and Gary Lougheed Jr. to step aside until the air is cleared?"

"It defies reason as to why the Premier would not ask these two individuals to stand aside," said Wilson. "Today we are again asking her to take the honourable and right action in the face of overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing."


Backgrounder: to read excerpts from the Patricia Sorbara tapes CLICK HERE


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