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VIDEO: Premier Wynne Needs to Suspend her Deputy Chief over Suspicion of Bribery

(February 17, 2015) Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson called on the Premier to clear the dark cloud cast over the start of the new legislative sitting by suspending her Deputy Chief of Staff while the OPP completes its investigation into alleged bribery charges.

Wilson noted that Pat Sorbara, one of Kathleen Wynne's closest confidantes and her Deputy Chief of Staff, was caught on tape, telling a former Liberal candidate that they "should have a broader discussion" involving a job or appointment in return for him stepping aside.

"That sure sounds like a bribe to me and the OPP obviously see it as grounds for an investigation," Wilson said to the Premier. "Honourable Ministers in past governments have voluntarily stepped down for actions of their staff because that's the right thing to do - will you at least demand your Deputy Chief of Staff Pat Sorbara step aside until the OPP investigation is complete?"

"Your Deputy Chief of Staff Pat Sorbara's twitter bio has a quote that reads 'Never retreat, never explain, never apologize - get the thing done and let them howl,'" said Wilson. "This is someone who clearly has a blatant disregard for following the rules."

Wilson noted that the government has not hesitated from distancing itself from individuals linked to scandal and alleged illegal activities, such as Ben Levin for possession of child pornography, Chris Mazza for corrupt expense scandals, and David Livingston, Laura Miller and Peter Faist for destruction of gas plant documents.

"Premier will you stop degrading the office you hold, cut this bad apple loose and apologize to the people of Ontario for the actions of your Deputy Chief of Staff?" urged Wilson.


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