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Ontario PCs Promote Recognition of E-Petitions by Legislature

(January 28, 2015) The Ontario PCs are working to bring Ontario's Legislature into the 21st century by seeking official recognition for electronic petitions, Interim Leader Jim Wilson and House Leader Steve Clark announced today.

"We've launched an electronic petition to stop the Liberals' planned carbon tax that will only further harm Ontario's families and businesses, but there's no existing requirement for the government to provide any response to an e-petition," said Wilson. "MPPs are expected to respond to e-mails, so I don't see why the government shouldn't respond to electronic petitions."

Clark is engaging in discussions with the Government House Leader and Third Party House Leader to examine how modern technology can be used to provide citizens with more opportunities to interact directly with Ontario's legislators.

"I'm optimistic that we will see movement on this front. Both Liberal and NDP House Leaders seem genuinely interested in exploring options," said Clark. "Engaging the public helps all legislators in effectively representing them."

E-petitions are already used in Quebec and the North West Territories. Internationally, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany have also implemented the use of E-petitions.

"I want to thank Ontario PC statesman and former MPP Norm Sterling for his work on the government-commissioned 'Open Government' panel for his on-going advocacy of this measure," said Wilson. "Like Norm, the Ontario PC Caucus believes Ontarians are ready and interested in change that enhances our democracy."

The Ontario PC e-petition on the carbon tax can be found in French and English at:


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