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Ontario PCs Launch Petition to Stop the Carbon Tax

(January 21, 2015) Interim Leader Jim Wilson began collecting signatures from overtaxed and frustrated Sudbury residents for a petition aimed at stopping the latest Liberal tax grab.

Last week, the Liberal government confirmed it would introduce a carbon tax in the Spring Budget, despite the Premier ruling it out last June.

"Ontario families and businesses can't afford another tax," said Wilson. "Ontario PC MPPs will be presenting the Legislature with petitions from across the province so the Liberals won't be able to ignore the voice of Ontario residents from north to south and west to east."

"A carbon tax will raise the price of almost everything, not just gas and home heating," explained Wilson. "Prices for all consumer goods will go up as production and transportation costs increase, and energy intensive fields like mining will be further threatened."

"Liberal history shows we can't believe their carbon tax will accomplish any objective other than picking everyone's pockets," Wilson said. "They brought in a costly health premium tax, but health services are being cut across Ontario. They spent $2 billion on smart meters that didn't result in conserving energy."

"The Liberals want to sneak in a new tax while gas prices are low to pay for their scandals and reckless overspending," he said. "The Liberals are just desperate to take more of your money and will use any excuse to justify feeding their spending addiction."


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