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VIDEO: Wilson to Wynne: Pull the Plug on Failed Energy Policies

(December 11, 2014) The Auditor General confirmed what the PC Caucus has said all along – the Liberal government has made a mess of the energy file, Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson said today during the final Question Period exchange for 2014.

Wilson used the opportunity to hold the Liberals' accountable over their Global Adjustment Tax, calling it "another grab at Ontarians' wallets, cooked-up by the government to cover the outrageous costs and losses of the failed Green Energy Act."

"The Auditor General's 2014 Annual Report investigations found that the Global Adjustment Tax has increased by 1,200%, since it was first introduced in 2006," Wilson added. "Ontarians have been duped out of $50 billion – that's five times the current provincial deficit – and hydro bills are at record highs."

"It's a double slap-in-the-face to rural communities, like the ones I represent. Residents are stuck footing the bill for wind turbines they never wanted in the first place."

"We are in this situation because the government's reckless green energy scheme produces power at times we don't need it, forcing the government to sell it at a loss to cover the unaffordable subsides the government guarantees."

The Auditor General's report is further proof that the Green Energy Act has been a complete failure. The Global Adjustment Tax exists because most power generators in Ontario have contracts with the province that pay them more than the market price. The report states that since 2006, Ontario has exported energy at a loss of $2.6 billion.

Every homeowner in Ontario has paid and will continue to pay, $1,000 a year in Global Adjustment Taxes. By 2015, each Ontario household will have handed over $10,000 in these new hidden taxes.

Wilson added that "the Global Adjustment tax has kept the Green Energy Act on life support" and that Premier Wynne "needs to pull the plug on the Liberals' failed energy policies."

Wilson concluded "Premier, you remain committed to the Global Adjustment Tax. You refuse to tear up the Green Energy Act. Will you at least make one smart energy policy and fire your Energy Minister?"


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