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VIDEO: Auditor General's Report Devastating Indictment of Liberal Government: Wilson

(December 9, 2014) The 2014 Annual Report by Ontario's Auditor General is a devastating indictment of over a decade of Liberal government waste and mismanagement, PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson said today.

"The fundamental takeaway from the Auditor General's line-by-line investigations is that Ontario cannot afford to go on like this," Wilson said. "From patients, to pensioners, from families with children, to our most vulnerable residents in need - hardworking taxpayers are not getting value for the essential public services they rely on daily," Wilson added.

What is further troubling is how spending continues to skyrocket on this government's watch while accountability and service delivery continue to plummet, Wilson said, citing that by 2017-2018 Ontario's net debt will have reached $325 billion - nearly $23,000 for every Ontarian.

"The Auditor General now joins the Conference Board of Canada, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the PC Caucus, who have all raised serious red flags about the Liberals' out-of-control spending."

"Now more than ever, we need to safeguard investments in hospital beds for seniors and residential services for those with development disabilities," said the MPP for Simcoe-Grey.

Wilson noted that the value-for-money audits of government programs are loaded with examples of gross incompetence, including:

• $2 billion squandered on smart meters which are failing to meet government objectives to reduce power consumption, adding costs to the bills of ratepayers;

• A lack of transparency and the ignoring of Infrastructure Ontario's leading standards with the MaRS Phase 2 bailout - costing taxpayers over $300 million and counting;

• A failure to inspect nearly half of all residences for Ontarians with developmental disabilities since at least 2010;

• No co-ordinated approach to provide Palliative Care services. Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, a non-profit organization, says 12,000 people need residential hospice care annually; and

• The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care having no idea where nearly 1 million flu vaccines purchased per year end up;

"Although, ministers are preparing to pack up and head home for the holiday break - there will be no Christmas miracle for the Liberals.

"The PC Caucus will not let their waste be forgotten. We will hold Premier Wynne and the government accountable," Wilson concluded.


Bonnie Lysyk, Auditor General of Ontario


The Hon. Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy

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