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Essa Fire Department Hosts Side by Side Burn Demonstration

Essa Fire side by side burn Dec 5 2014 Cynthia Ross Tustin WEBSITE

(December 5th, 2014) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson was happy to attend a side by side burn demonstration to showcase the value and effectiveness of residential fire sprinklers. Essa Fire Chief, Cynthia Ross Tustin, is one of Ontario's leading voices supporting the Rural Residential Sprinkler Campaign, a initiative to help reduce costs for rural Ontarians who want to install sprinklers in their homes on a voluntary basis.

The response time for fires in rural areas can vary, but the average is close to 17 minutes from the time a 911 call is placed.  The living room without sprinklers engulfed in flames and filled with smoke in two minutes.  The living room with sprinklers extinguished the fire in one minute fifty-two seconds.     

essa fire side by side burn without sprinklers WEBSITE

essa fire side by side burn with sprinklers WEBSITE

Essa Fire side by side burn 2 WEBSITE


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