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VIDEO: Wilson Stands Up for Ontario’s Christmas Tree Industry

(November 27, 2014) Today Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson called on Premier Wynne and the government to support the Christmas Tree Day Act, 2014 – legislation recently reintroduced by MPP Wilson.

If passed, Wilson's Bill would designate the first Saturday in December of each year as Christmas Tree Day in Ontario.

"The US has deemed the entire first week of December as National Christmas Tree Week," Wilson said. "This effort has boosted Christmas tree sales considerably across the United States.

"More than one million fresh, farm-grown Christmas trees are purchased each year in Ontario, and the same number of seedlings are planted each year," Wilson added.

Wilson went on to say that his proposed legislation would give the Christmas tree industry an opportunity to encourage more consumers to buy Christmas trees.

Wilson highlighted the environmental benefits of Christmas trees, noting that "one acre of trees removes up to 13 tonnes of airborne pollutants—so we need to encourage this industry."

When raising the issue with Wynne during Question Period, the Simcoe Grey MPP highlighted that there are 647 Christmas tree farms in Ontario—more than any other province.

Wilson asked "Premier, in recognition of a rural industry that our province benefits greatly from, will you agree to unanimous consent of my bill and make Christmas Tree Day a reality?

The Premier did not answer the question, but Wilson persisted, asking for unanimous consent of the Legislature to streamline passage of his bill.

"The first Saturday of December comes very soon," Wilson noted. "I hope government member are not Grinch's, and that you'll join the PC Caucus in supporting this very, very important industry today," Wilson concluded.

The Liberals' refused to grant unanimous consent.


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