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VIDEO: Wilson Grills Wynne Over Education Cuts, School Closures

(November 20th, 2014) Queen's Park: During the last election Premier Wynne called cuts to education dangerous for children, and now you are planning to cut $500 million from the education budget because of your fiscal mismanagement, Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson said today.

"In fact, the Premier said cuts to education funding were "detrimental and have such a negative impact on so many people's lives in this province" that she would never support them.

"Premier, you claimed these cuts were dangerous during the election yet now your government is taking millions of dollars out of the classroom," Wilson added.

During Question Period Wilson continued to hold the Liberal government accountable over its reckless spending, noting that "Premier is this just another case of you saying one thing, and doing another?"

Wilson reminded Wynne that her former Liberal colleague and successor as Education Minister, Leona Dombrowsky once said, "The government believes locally elected school boards have sound processes in place to make decisions about school closures in consultation with their communities...."

But yesterday, the current Education Minister made it quite clear that the Liberals' will not fund under-capacity schools – leaving the impression that the Minister will make the decision on which schools will close.

"So, Premier, which is it?" Wilson said. "Will individual school boards decide which schools will close, if any? Or will you order the school closings yourself?"

As Education Minister, Wynne had said that "It would in fact be irresponsible for any government to tie the hands of local school boards to make decisions about their communities". Wilson fired back saying "by slashing a half a billion dollars from the education budget, "you are doing exactly that".

Wilson concluded, "You're making school closures, particularly in rural Ontario, a done deal. Premier, very simply, when will you release the list of schools that you plan on closing?"


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