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Statement on Remembrance Day

(November 11th, 2014) The following is a statement by Interim Ontario PC Leader Jim Wilson on the observance of Remembrance Day:

"Today we honour the thousands of Canadians who risked their lives and all those who lost their lives, to defend freedom and democracy.

"Remembrance Day is of special significance whether we are 10th-generation Canadians or new Canadians. Canada and the world we know today would not be possible without the courage, valour and sacrifice of our veterans and fallen soldiers. They fought for our right to assemble, and they fought for the very diversity that we prize in this country. In times of war and on peacekeeping missions around the world, our troops have served Canada with courage and resolve.

"We remember that their sacrifice made way for our liberties. We remember the honour with which they served, which in turn shaped our democracy. We remember that those values that we hold so dear, which include those fundamental freedoms of democracy and liberty, are a direct result of their selflessness and their patriotism.

"On behalf of the Ontario PC Caucus, I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Canadian men and women, past and present, who have risked and given their lives so that future generations could enjoy the blessings of peace and democracy.

"Their service has kept and continues to keep Canada strong and free. They put their safety and their own security above themselves. They did this for us.

"Lest we forget."


VIDEO: Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson Remembrance Day remarks in the Legislature

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