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VIDEO: Liberal Scandals and Mismanagement Deny Health Care to Ontario's Most Vulnerable

(October 27th, 2014) Liberal mismanagement is letting down seniors and our health care system, charged Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson today in the Legislature.

Wilson pointed to the example of Eric Law, an Ottawa area man with several chronic diseases including multiple sclerosis and cancer, who has been refused service by his local Community Care Access Centre.

"Minister, how many people across Ontario are going to be refused care by their local CCAC because your government wastes money on scandals like eHealth, Ornge, Gas Plants, and MaRS instead of using those tax dollars for priority health care services?" asked Wilson.

"You're already firing healthcare workers and cutting services," said Wilson, noting that the Timmins and District Hospital would be cutting 40 nursing positions, part of a growing trend across Ontario.

"The President of the Ontario Nurses Association, Linda Haslam-Stroud...said your government cut 1,600 Registered Nursing positions. Minister, how many more nurses will you fire to compensate for Liberal fiscal mismanagement?"


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