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VIDEO: Premier Wynne Refuses to Release MaRS Records

(October 20, 2014) Today, MPP's across Ontario returned to the Legislature and the central topic of discussion was the Liberal government’s mismanagement of MaRS Phase II.


"When MaRS first started, Phase 1 was built was under a PC government. It was going to be a hub for leading edge scientific and medical research. The current government is now putting a bad mark on a wonderful innovative project through incompetent management and oversight. When they started Phase 2 they knew the building wasn’t going to be filled up," said Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson when talking about the initial legacy of the MaRS.


Earlier this morning, Premier Wynne refused to release or even acknowledge a business case that showed the MaRS Phase 2 bailout of $309 million was in the best interest of Ontario taxpayers. For weeks, Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington MPP Randy Hillier has been requesting documentation pertaining to the MaRS Phase II loan, which is now in default.


“If this government had any consideration in openness and transparency, they would provide the records to us. So far, we’ve only been stonewalled by the Minister and Premier. We have to ask, ‘what else are they hiding?’” said Hillier.


“Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are going into MaRS. It probably is the only commercial real estate development in Toronto that is losing money.


“Private investors haven’t come forward to put any money in. They must have seen something in a business plan or documents that we are not allowed to see. I can’t see how with any credibility that the Premier and Minster can say that the building is worth what they say it is,” Hillier added.






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