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VIDEO: Wilson Continues Fight against Wind Turbines at Collingwood Airport

(July 24, 2014) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson continues to seek answers about the status of a German company’s proposal to build eight 500 foot tall wind turbines on the flight path of the Collingwood Regional Airport. Today at Queen’s Park, Wilson questioned Premier Wynne again over why she continues to entertain such a dangerous project.


“Premier, your government keeps pushing through [the proposal] … despite opposition from surrounding municipalities and despite safety warnings from the Airport Board and pilots,” said Wilson. “If the project goes ahead, it won’t be a question of if there will be deaths; it will be a question of when those deaths occur.”


The Premier passed the question off to the Minister of Energy who wrongly shifted responsibility to the federal government and gave the same response former Energy Minister MPP Chris Bentley gave two years ago.


It was noted by a stakeholder in the legislative committee that reviewed the Green Energy Act before it was passed that Transport Canada merely sets the standards and supervises aeronautical activities—they have no power over land use or zoning. Wilson made reference to that fact in his supplementary question before redirecting the question back to the Premier.


Premier, you appeared in my riding just before you became Liberal leader … and you said three things: that green energy projects should not be allowed to move ahead in face of community opposition; that an airport shutdown because of wind turbines doesn’t make sense; and you committed to review the situation at the Collingwood airport,” said Wilson. “It’s been a year and a half since you made that commitment. What’s happened with the review? We’ve certainly heard nothing.”


This time the Premier bumped the question to the Minister of Environment who flippantly tried to pass the issue off as one of federal jurisdiction.






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