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Liberal Throne Speech Takes Ontario in the Wrong Direction

(July 3, 2014) - "The direction laid out in the Throne Speech puts Ontario’s frontline services at risk," Ontario PC Leader Jim Wilson said today.

Wilson made his remarks following the government's Throne Speech, laying out the direction Premier Kathleen Wynne plans to take Ontario.

In anticipation of the Throne Speech and upcoming Liberal budget, Moody’s credit rating agency changed Ontario’s debt rating outlook from stable to negative.

"Moody's actions put Ontario closer to a credit rating downgrade," said Wilson. "A credit downgrade would increase our borrowing costs, taking money out of the frontline services we all depend on."

"This should be a clear warning to Premier Wynne – with a debt this large, Ontario will be in real trouble if we continue in this direction," said Wilson. “So today, I’m calling on the Premier to show restraint, to reign in her overspending, and to protect the frontline services we depend on across the province.”



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