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MPP Wilson Responds to Liberals Reckless Budget

(May 2, 2014) Jim Wilson says that the Liberal government obviously has no idea how to turn this province around when their plan is to dig an already deep debt hole even deeper. That’s the message from Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson today who is calling yesterday’s provincial budget more of the same from a tired-out, corrupt government. 
“If you wonder why Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak focuses on the province’s debt and the deficit and the need for job creation, this is why,” said Wilson.  “Kathleen Wynne has been given a year to prove she was different than Dalton McGuinty, and today she proved she was the same, if not worse.”

“Tim Hudak’s Million Jobs Plan will put Ontario on the right track by balancing the budget and creating over a million new jobs. Ontario needs to see this plan rolled out immediately,” he continued.
In less than a year since Kathleen Wynne became Premier, the provincial debt under her Liberal government has climbed to $290 billion, the highest in the country and the deficit is increasing to $12.5 billion — which is more than all other provinces combined. It puts Ontario in the worst fiscal position in Canada.

“Anyone can make a list of spending promises, but that is not a plan for our province,” said Wilson. “Increasing the deficit to implement various new spending initiatives while we can’t afford the programs and services we already have, is extraordinarily irresponsible. It is going to bankrupt Ontario.”


“The budget does nothing for my constituents, but compromise their future, their children’s future and likely their children’s future,” said Wilson. “Kathleen Wynne doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of responsible government.”


Wilson is concerned the Liberals are spending taxpayers money to cater to special interest in an effort to keep themselves in power.  The budget not only includes $3 billion in new taxes, but it also increases the deficit by $1.2 billion at the same time. Critics are calling this budget one of the worst in Ontario history.



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