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Wilson Joins Dunlop for Skilled Trades Overview Tour Stop in Wasaga Beach

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(April 11, 2014) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson and PC Critic for Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Reform MPP Garfield Dunlop were in Wasaga Beach April 10th to visit hairstylists in the area. 


"The Liberal Government has made a mess of the hairstyling industry by forcing hairstylists across the province to pay a new salon tax and participate in the College of Trades' bureaucratic processes," said Dunlop.  "We just saw the one year anniversary of the creation of the College and so far I haven't seen any progress," he continued. "When I visit locations across Ontario I am overwhelmed with the problems the College has presented to trades people.  A year later we have seen no benefit to the trades."


Dunlop recently released his 'Skilled Trades in Ontario' booklet and since then has visited over 15 locations across the province. His new "Cut the Salon Tax" campaign opposes the College of Trades and their newly implemented trades tax.  Dunlop feels this tax is unnecessary and is concerned that it will increase fees for hairdressers by 600 percent. 


"Hairstylists represent a large number of people in Ontario and to see them band together is great," said Wilson. "I can only hope that their voice gets heard and that the Ontario College of Trades is abolished."


"The College of Trades is yet another layer of bureaucracy that we don't need and will put thousands of hairstylists and trades people out of work," added Wilson.  "When we expect a shortage of over one million skilled trades workers over the next ten years, we should be reducing barriers in skilled trades, not increasing them."  


Dunlop will be touring a number of communities across the province to hear from not only hairstylists but all trades. Last week Wilson and Dunlop hosted a trades town hall in Tottenham.



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