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VIDEO: Wilson Questions Liberals on Funding for Collingwood Hospital

(April 10th, 2014) Today, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson demanded answers over fair funding for the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital.  The Hospital has been waiting for months to receive funding from the province to make up for Ministry of Health changes to how hospitals receive compensation.


“Minister, I have raised this issue with you before ... I explained that as per a key outcome of their 2012 Sustainability Review they were promised gap funding for three consecutive years while the new Health Based Allocation Model is rolled out,” said Wilson. “It’s now April, the fiscal year has come to an end. The new funding model hasn’t been fully implemented. The hospital hasn't received this funding and without it they face a $1.8 million deficit ... my question is quite simple – without this funding which of the core services should the hospital no longer provide?”


The Minister didn’t answer the question and instead spoke generally about government’s plan for the new Health Based Allocation Funding Model (HBAM). Wilson went on to reiterate his concern that a failure to approve funding will most certainly lead to deficits and instability for the Hospital and its services.


“The point here is that Collingwood General and Marine Hospital was given a letter from your ministry, indicating that it could get three years of gap funding, and so it budgeted accordingly. It didn’t get its funding,” said Wilson. “I got a letter from you suddenly in December of last year after I perpetually raised this thing, saying that the LHIN has asked for you to make a decision on this second year of gap funding and that you’re reviewing it. We heard from the LHIN recently that you’re going to renege on that promise.”


Area mayors and town councils have all passed resolutions in support of this funding. Wilson mentioned their effort in his comments. “[The Hospital has] already gone to the four mayors in the Collingwood area, Wasaga Beach and Clearview and throughout the area, and they want to come down and see you because of this broken promise,” said Wilson. 


The Collingwood Hospital currently runs at a 105% occupancy rate 100% of the time.  The Hospital has adopted 90% of suggested efficiencies that came out of their 2012 Sustainability Review. In 2013, they handled 476 births, 1071 ski accidents and 1193 orthopaedic surgeries, among many other services.


Wilson is committed to ensuring services are maintained at Collingwood General and Marine Hospital and firmly believes there is no room for further cuts. He continues to make both the Collingwood and Alliston Hospital his top priority and is devoted to the construction of new hospitals in both communities. 


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