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VIDEO: Where is Liberal Jobs Plan?


(March 19th, 2014) Today, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak and Ontario PC House Leader Jim Wilson called for the Premier to table her plan for jobs by the end of March, or to pass the Ontario PC Million Jobs Plan.


“Today in the Legislature, we’re tabling a motion calling on the Liberals to bring their budget in by March 31st. If they don’t have a jobs plan by then, they can use ours. And if they choose not to act at all, they’ll face a confidence motion.”


Hudak and Wilson said Ontario needs an immediate turnaround plan that gets the province back on its feet.


Hudak pointed to a young employer he met last week in Brantford as the latest evidence the Liberals are driving Ontario in the wrong direction.


Scott told me that when the Liberals came into office, he had nine employees. Today, after years of energy bill increases, more red tape and higher taxes, he has none. The trouble is that we have tens of thousands of people like Scott across the province, and a million people out of work. ”


Hudak said Ontario needs a Premier who is willing to tackle problems head-on to get Ontario back on track. 


Because if Kathleen Wynne can’t face the facts and take action for people like Scott, then she should face the electorate.”


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