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VIDEO: Still No Promised Jobs Plan From 'Clearing The Decks’

(November 25, 2013) Two months have now passed since the Ontario PCs "cleared the (legislative) decks" at the Wynne Liberals' request, but the province is still without its promised jobs plan, says Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak.


"It is clear now that this government has absolutely no jobs plan to kick-start the province's economy," says Hudak. "When we agreed to 'clear the decks' to pass legislation that the Premier said was standing in the way of moving forward, we took her at her word that an economic plan would be forthcoming.


“This did not happen,” says Hudak. “Ontarians deserve better.”


Joining the Leader is Ontario PC House Leader Jim Wilson and Energy Critic Lisa MacLeod.


Last week, U.S. mining giant Cliffs Natural Resources pulled out of its $3.3 billion Ring of Fire project, a major blow to the province's economic future.


That future is already dim. The Wynne government will run a deficit next year that is nearly twice the size of the entire federal government’s deficit, with the Harper Conservatives actually on track for a $3.7-billion surplus for 2015-2016.


“Cliffs is the capper,” says Hudak. “Our policy paper on the North, and our plan for the Ring of Fire, is called the ‘Opportunity of the Century.’


“If the Liberals had read it, and acted on it, Cliffs would still be here.”


PC House Leader Jim Wilson says the sudden pull-out by Cliffs is yet another example of the government’s chronic lack of action.


“It’s clearly time to change the direction of our province,” says Wilson. “This bungling of the Cliffs’ project should be the last straw for Ontarians.”


To which Energy Critic MacLeod adds, “The high energy costs inflicted on Ontario by the bad policy of this government has already led to more than 300,000 industrial jobs lost as businesses either pull up stakes or shut themselves down.


“It is beyond the time to change the team that leads.”



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