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VIDEO: Wilson Goes to Bat for Seniors Unable to Afford Medical Supplies

(November 7, 2013) Today, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson stood up for local seniors struggling to afford basic medical supplies. Wilson is concerned the government isn't doing more to help seniors and questions Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne's priorities.

"Sadly, Mrs. Smith was diagnosed with cancer two years ago.  After having successfully undergone treatment, she was left dependent on a colostomy bag," said Wilson. "She now requires $1300 worth of medical supplies each year, and while she and her husband are grateful for the Assistive Devices Program that grants them $600 per year, it is simply not enough, covering less than six months worth of supplies."

Wilson and his colleagues have been pushing the government to redirect millions of dollars to patient care by eliminating overlapping layers of administration, namely from the 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs). He is concerned the government is willing to waste millions on bureaucrats, but have no money to invest in patients like Mrs. Smith. Not to mention the billions they’ve wasted on various scandals like eHealth and gas plants.

"Much like the majority of retired seniors in Ontario, Mr. and Mrs. Smith rely entirely on their pensions," continued Wilson. "Every cent that comes into their home is immediately dedicated to their bills and medical supplies. They have even been forced to mortgage their home. Minister, this couple is in their 80's."

The Liberal government has introduced a variety of new taxes including the Health Tax, which is the single largest tax increase in provincial history. Despite increasing provincial health revenues the government continues to cut services, including recent cuts to physiotherapy, diabetic supplies and cataract and glaucoma surgery.



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