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VIDEO: Wilson Confronts Liberals on Wind Turbine Being Built in Residential Neighbourhood

(October 31, 2013) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson continues to advocate restoring municipal planning powers over renewable energy projects. Today he made a statement in the House to question the Liberal government again on the issue, this time concerning a wind energy development being built despite massive local opposition in a small residential neighbourhood in Craigleith. 

“I rise today to bring the government’s attention to a resolution recently passed by the Town of the Blue Mountains. The resolution states: NOW THEREFORE Council of The Corporation of the Town of the Blue Mountains hereby requests that the province of Ontario immediately enact Bill 2, Restoring Planning Powers to Municipalities Act, 2013,” said Wilson. “Bill 2 is legislation that I introduced last February to ensure that local municipalities have final say on where wind turbines and solar farms can be located or if they will even be allowed if the local people don’t want them.” 

Wilson is supportive of this resolution and has been a strong opponent of the Liberals Green Energy Act since it was introduced.  His legislation would give municipalities like Blue Mountains back the authority to decide what renewable energy projects are built within their communities. 

“This particular resolution was passed by the Blue Mountains in response to a 72-foot tall wind turbine being built in a small residential subdivision, a mere 35 feet from the neighbouring property line,” continued Wilson. “To put that into perspective for the Minister of Energy who doesn’t seem to have a clue, that’s the approximate distance from me to you on the other side of this Legislative Chamber.” 

“This wind turbine is being built despite vast opposition of neighbours and the town because this government wants to tout a self-serving green energy agenda to produce energy we don’t need and at prices we cannot afford.”  

“This is wrong.” 

“I ask the Premier to listen to the people of Ontario and immediately restore local controls over renewable energy projects so decisions over this project and ones like it are left up to the people that actually live there,” concluded Wilson.   

Wilson has also been calling for a moratorium on industrial wind energy projects until third party health and environmental studies have been done. The PCs are committed to scrapping the feed-in tariff program that is increasing hydro bills by rewarding often foreign energy developers up to fifteen times the average price of hydro to produce power. 




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