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Liberals can no longer be trusted to govern: Hudak

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(October 30th, 2013) Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak will today bring home a motion to test the House’s confidence in the Liberal government of Premier Kathleen Wynne and censure her for a well-catalogued pattern of self interest and taxpayer  abuse.


For NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, the choice will come down to again propping up a corrupt Wynne government or finally acknowledging the Liberals no longer have a moral authority to rule.


Hudak says the politically-motivated billion-dollar decision by the Liberals to cancel two gas plants in order to save two Liberal seats in the 2011 election is proof-positive that the Liberals’ puts their self interests first and Ontario taxpayers last.


“The Liberals and Kathleen Wynne cannot be trusted to run the province,” says Hudak.

 “The line has to be drawn today. Enough is enough.”


The Opposition Day motion comes at the heels of Hudak’s open letter Sunday to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath in which Hudak expressed how “astounded” he was that Horwath and her NDP caucus continue to prop up “the moral bankruptcy and corruptness of the Liberal Party of Ontario.”


PC House Leader Jim Wilson and PC Energy Critic Lisa MacLeod join the leader today in calling for the censuring of the Premier and for the NDP to choose once and for all whose side they are on — the Wynne Liberals or the people of Ontario burdened with the consequences of the Liberals' disregard for public debt?


“Under the Liberal government, our debt has doubled, household hydro rates have doubled, our economy has shed 300,000 good manufacturing jobs and nearly a million people can’t find work,” said Hudak. “The gas-plants scandal only punctuates the Liberals cannot be entrusted with taxpayers’ money.”


“We want to know if the House shares the belief of the Liberal party that it is okay to spend taxpayer dollars if it serves your own political interests,” says Wilson.


 “It’s time to put the question to the test and debate it,” adds MacLeod.


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