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VIDEO: Wilson Joins Hudak to Call for Judicial Inquiry over Gas Plant Scandal

(October 11, 2013) With the NDP joining the Liberals to vote down a PC motion to keep the Legislature functioning next week to deal with the fallout from Auditor General’s report on the Liberals’ vote-buying gas plant cancellations, PC Leader Tim Hudak says the vote dramatically underscores the need for a judicial inquiry.

“If we cannot get the Legislature to sit through a few days off following Thanksgiving, then it is obvious only a judicial inquiry will get to the bottom of this scandal,” says Hudak. “Premier Wynne was not on the sidelines when a billion dollars in taxpayers’ money was so casually blown on self-interest politics.

“She was in the driver’s seat. Her signature is everywhere,” he says. “Only a judicial inquiry and its threat of jail time for selective amnesia will get to the truth. “Only my party is totally focused on putting this province on the path to prosperity, and the only my team willing to do the work necessary to achieve that goal.

“But Premier Wynne must be held accountable.”

The Leader’s comments come after the NDP yesterday voted against a PC motion seeking unanimous support to keep the Legislature up and running to deal with the motive and the economic damage raised by the Auditor General over the Liberals’ gas-plant cancellations instead of taking the scheduled break after Thanksgiving Monday,

PC House Leader Jim Wilson, who tabled yesterday’s motion, says Ontarians have grown tired of watching the Liberals pattern of self-interest being continually being played out – eHealth, Ornge, green energy, gas-plant cancellations -- and therefore believes it was necessary to deal with the Liberals’ accountability issues now, not later.


“The Liberals are allergic to accountability,” says Wilson. “And it’s chronic. It’s like a disease, aided and abetted by the NDP.


“We wanted the House sitting next week so the Liberals could explain how another $1 billion was squandered on self-interest and political survival,” adds Wilson., “And why they caring not a whit about the interests of taxpayers who must now pay the damages.


“”Now it looks like a judicial inquiry may be the only way of getting to the truth.”

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