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Liberal Government Responsible for another $1.1 Billion Scandal

(October 11, 2013) Ontario's Auditor General has confirmed the true cost of the government's decision to cancel two gas power plants to secure Liberal seats in the last provincial election, one of them cancelled days before Election Day.

The total cost: $1.1 billion.

That's 2,640% more than the $33 million Premier Kathleen Wynne repeatedly testified to in committee and again more than the $310 million figure the Ontario Power Authority has tried to portray.

It’s a whole lot of money. So much so that it’s hard to comprehend.

Money that could have been used as I said on Alliston radio (myFM 92.1) to build new hospitals in both Alliston and Collingwood.

Instead, this money was used to pay for Liberal seats to keep them in power.

Quite frankly, it’s yet another disgusting abuse of power that this government is responsible for and if it was up to me the money should be repaid.

Barack Obama spent less money on his campaign to be President of the United States then the Liberals spent to save these seats.

To waste $1.1 billion on self-serving interests, money that Ontario doesn’t have and that taxpayers will have to repay through higher taxes and increased hydro bills for years and years to come is disgraceful.

The worst part is the extraordinary lengths the Liberals have gone to hide this scandal from the people of Ontario. In fact, they still remain under investigation by the OPP for the mess.

Questions of accountability plague this government and it’s because the lies come right from the top.

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne testified at committee, which is similar to a court of law, on separate occasions that the cost of the cancellation in Oakville was $33 million despite her government having already paid over $300 million more at the time.

It never even made sense. Especially considering Premier Wynne was the same person who co-chaired the Liberal election campaign that decided to cancel the gas plants in the first place.

The Premier either didn't know what she was signing that had a billion-dollar price tag attached or she knowingly lied to Ontarians about the true costs. Either way, her incompetence is enough to boot her from politics or at least demote her from the role as Premier of Ontario. How can it not be?

On top of it all, the Auditor General’s report reveals that the gas plant cancellations could have cost a lot less had the Liberal government not interfered in negotiations. Ontarians are paying much more than they would have had to had the government relied on protection provisions in the contracts or moved the new plants in better suited areas.

Over the past ten years the Liberals have proven that they will put their party ahead of hard working families every time. Even when times are tough, it’s Liberal priorities first, people second.

We’ve seen it with the $2 billion wasted at eHealth, the $700 million wasted at Ornge. We’ve seen it with the Green Energy Plan that does nothing for the environment, but certainly sounds great on paper. We’ve seen it recently with the Pan Am Games spending scandal and the government's grant for $500,000 to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, a multibillion-dollar company. The list goes on and on.

Ontario is a great province that is, unfortunately, being run by a corrupt government; a government that only spends money when it helps them politically. Ontarians deserve better. That’s why it’s time for a change.

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