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Developmental Disabilities Ignored by Liberals

(September 23, 2013) After a year of inaction and political game-playing by the Wynne government, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson is renewing his call for an all party select committee to coordinate the delivery of developmental programs and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

“It’s absolutely appalling that this government has had twelve months to strike a select committee on developmental services and have done nothing,” said Wilson. “They (Liberals) either don’t care about this issue or are once again putting politics ahead of what is best for Ontarians.”

Opposition Leader Tim Hudak demanded on Thursday that Ontarians with developmental disabilities and mental illness get the help they deserve.

“There were big cheers in the House when the promise was made in May to help these individuals and their families,” said Hudak. “Since then there has been nothing but silence from the Liberals.”

In May, PC Health Critic MPP Christine Elliott obtained all-party support to strike a Select Committee to develop a strategy to help developmentally disabled Ontarians with housing, educational, workplace, social, recreational and inclusionary issues.

Despite receiving all party support, the committee has yet to be created.

“There are currently over 12,000 people in Ontario waiting for appropriate housing,” said Elliott. “There is a crisis erupting in this sector.”

Wilson wrote an open letter to the government on this issue in June and has yet to receive a response. Despite his continual efforts to form the committee, the Liberals have not allowed it to go ahead.

“The fact that the Premier is going around telling Community Living groups that they need to lobby me as Opposition House Leader for this committee is absolutely ridiculous,” said Wilson. “We have put this resolution forward twice. All parties have agreed to it. We have had a vote in the House that gave a mandate to the government to set up the committee. It’s now up to Premier Kathleen Wynne and her government to put the motion forward and strike the committee. Under the rules of the Legislature, the Liberals are the only ones that can do that and their refusal shows a disregard for Ontarians.”

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