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Wilson Thanks Community for Their Efforts with Traffic Signals

(July 4, 2013) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson is pleased to announce that after a decade long battle with the Liberal government the Ministry confirmed today that traffic signals will finally be installed at the entrance to Green Briar on Highway 89 just east of Alliston. Wilson has been a strong advocate of the project for over ten years and is pleased to see that the community effort has finally paid off.

"For the past decade, residents of our area have joined with me to get these lights installed," said Wilson. "It is because of the community's persistence that the government has ceded to our requests and agreed to the installation of this long awaited project."

Wilson originally announced the project with former PC Minister of Transportation Frank Klees in 2003.  Those plans were abandoned when the Liberals came to office later that year.  Since then, Wilson has been active in a pursuit to restart the project. His efforts have included questioning the government in Question Period, introducing petitions, launching a postcard campaign, writing letters and making an infinite amount of inquiries.

"Improving safety at this intersection has always been a top priority of mine," said Wilson. "I am thrilled the Liberals have finally come to their senses by allowing the project to go ahead."

"In 2003, it was absolutely ridiculous that the Liberals came into office and cancelled such a small project that had such great importance to the safety of our community," said Wilson. "The Liberals have nothing to be proud of with this announcement as these traffic signals should have been built ten years ago."

The construction of the traffic lights and related roadwork is anticipated to begin later this summer and will be completed by October.  Wilson thanks the community for their persistence and hard work to make the installation of these traffic signals a reality.


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