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Liberals Disallows Summer Select Committee on Developmental Services

(June 28, 2013) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson is calling out the Liberals and NDP for their political game-playing and inaction to coordinate the delivery of developmental programs and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Wilson issued a letter to both Children and Youth Services Minister Teresa Piruzza and Community and Social Services Minister Ted McMeekin reiterating local concerns and calling on the government to allow a select committee on Developmental Services.

“I consistently hear from families who are either experiencing trouble accessing services or transitioning to the adult system,” wrote Wilson. “It is an unacceptable way to treat our most vulnerable citizens, and I think it speaks volumes to the fact that the government is missing a real long-term strategy to deliver this care.”

Wilson wrote the letter after receiving correspondence from the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board in regards to their concerns over cuts in services and unnecessary regulations for children and adults with developmental disabilities.  Wilson often hears from constituents with the same problems and has, alongside his party, been working diligently to have the issues addressed.

“On May 16th, my colleague MPP Christine Elliott successfully introduced a Resolution to create a Select Committee on Developmental Services that would have helped to address this problem,” continued Wilson. “It is yet another one of the many committees that your government and the NDP would not allow this summer.”

MPP Christine Elliott originally passed the resolution for a selected committee last year, but it died on the order paper with prorogation. The motion was reintroduced this past spring with a plan in place for the committee to sit through the summer.  In early June, the governing Liberals and the NDP teamed together to disallow the committee after agreeing to it earlier in the year. 

“I certainly question your motive to not allow such a positive initiative,” wrote Wilson. “We need reform that is driven by stakeholders. I encourage you to review these enclosed concerns immediately and have your government reconsider my colleague’s proposal for a select committee on developmental services.”


To read Wilson's letter please click on the following link click here

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