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NDP Prop Up a Corrupt Liberal Government

(June 14, 2013) Last Tuesday, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and her party voted in favour of the 2013 provincial budget and in doing so propped up the corrupt McGuinty-Wynne Liberal government that is responsible for the biggest spending scandals in Canadian history—most notably eHealth, Ornge and the politically motivated cancellation of gas plants.  

Their support is in stark contrast to months of NDP assertions that they do not condone the scandalous behavior of the Liberal government, along with many promises that they will hold the government to account.

Even on the morning the budget was released Andrea Horwath stuck with her charade publically calling the Liberals “liars and corrupt,” to then turn around and support their budget in the afternoon.

This hypocritical support for the Liberals shows that the NDP have confidence in a government that according to Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian has broken the law by knowingly and illegally destroying government email records in a thwarted attempt to cover up the gas plant scandal.  And, this is only one example.

The NDP support for the budget also shows that they condone a government that is committed to a multitude of increased taxes including the trades tax, the tire tax, the gas tax, eco fees, increased WSIB premiums and increases to the HST to name a few. This is along with more debt and likely more scandals and waste.

Their budget support shows that they accept a degenerate government that has not passed a single piece of legislation—except the budget bill—in almost eight months.

For a Premier that prides herself on working with opposition parties and having so many so-called “conversations”, what kind of conversation is that?

The NDP budget support also shows that they don’t care that various committees won’t be sitting this summer to, for example, investigate further scandals and to work to develop a developmental services strategy for those with developmental disabilities.

The list could go on and on.

The Liberal-NDP budget deal will cost Ontarians an additional $3.6 billion this year alone and will add another $42 billion to Ontario’s debt by 2017. This is on top of the $134 billion the Liberals have already added to our debt since they were elected in 2003, a debt that they alone have almost doubled.

Money that could be going to new hospitals in Collingwood and Alliston, to healthcare services like dialysis and physiotherapy, to education and keeping rural schools open, or to mitigating the impact of low water levels in Georgian Bay, is instead being given to foreign lenders in interest payments to service our growing debt. 

Last year we handed over $11 billion in interest payments to pay for this unnecessary expense.

The Liberals are responsible for various scandals, doubling our debt, increasing taxes and mismanaging countless agencies and programs.  They have been found in contempt of parliament. They spent $1 billion buying NDP support for the budget. They were recently found by the Information and Privacy Commissioner to have broken the law for deleting emails. The OPP have two ongoing criminal investigations against them, which is unprecedented in Ontario history.

The NDP say they are committed to accountability, yet they have propped up a corrupt government to appease their political interests.

While the two parties cling for dear life to their party seats, the mismanagement and waste continues and real issues are being negated. 

Tim Hudak and the Ontario PCs will not support a corrupt government or a government consumed in this amount of scandal and waste.  We voted against the budget and against propping up the McGuinty-Wynne Liberal government.

If you would like to see my debates on the budget bill or the various petitions I have tabled please click here and click here .

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