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Liberals and NDP Team Up to Silence Ontario Taxpayers

media avail programming motion may 30 2013

(May 30, 2013) The McGuinty-Wynne Liberals and NDP are so desperate to protect their political parties that they are going to ignore the voice of Ontarians and take Ontario further down the wrong track, PC House Leader Jim Wilson said today.

“Four weeks ago, the Liberals introduced a budget that was designed to buy NDP support,” said Wilson. “But instead of standing up against the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals’ record of scandal, high taxes, and excessive debt, the NDP lined up against accountability.”

Wilson made the comments noting that the over 10,000 Ontarians have signed a petition urging the Liberals and NDP to stop silencing Ontarians and bring the PCs vote of non-confidence to the Legislature. “I can understand why the Liberals don’t want to call a vote of confidence, but what do the NDP have to hide?”

It is frustrating to watch these two parties mortgage this province’s future and spend whatever it takes to protect their political power, continued Wilson, adding that either the NDP believes the billion dollar gas plant scandal is worthy of a confidence vote or they are prepared to prop up a corrupt Liberal Government.

“Not only have the Liberals lost the moral authority to govern, but they have lost sight of their role as MPPs. It’s clear that Ontarians want the opportunity to have a say about whether they have confidence in this government,” concluded Wilson.

“It is time for the Liberals and NDP to stop hiding from accountability and stop ignoring taxpayers.”


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