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Wilson Thanks Local Physicians

(May 28, 2013) Yesterday marked the 9th Annual Physician Appreciation Day hosted by the Alliston and Area Physician Recruitment Committee. Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson couldn’t let the occasion go by without thanking local physicians in the Legislature for their dedication to health and wellness throughout the area.

“As a former Minister of Health, I have a great appreciation for the work that physicians do,” said Wilson.  “I also know that the people of South Simcoe are truly appreciative of their commitment to our area and its people.”

Wilson praised the Alliston and Area Physician Recruitment Committee for working diligently to find ways to attract and retain new physicians to Stevenson Memorial Hospital and the area it serves.  He mentioned that the Committee was the second in the province to host a Physician Appreciation Day and that Ontario soon after followed suit by declaring a similar province wide ‘Dr. Day’ held annually on May 1st.

“When we’re healthy, physicians help keep us that way; and, when we’re sick they are the ones we depend on to make us well,” said Wilson. “Physicians are critical to our lives and especially valued in our community for their efforts and dedication to a small town hospital and rural area.”

The Committee chose to celebrate the day in May in honour of the first female physician in Canada, Dr. Emily Howard Stowe.  During the day physicians are presented with flowers, gifts and praise from patients throughout the community who wish to show their gratitude.

“As MPP for Simcoe-Grey, I am tremendously grateful to our local physicians and I would like to thank them for their tremendous and continued contribution to our community,” concluded Wilson.

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