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Jim joins Tim Hudak and Steve Clark to demand accountability over gas plant scandal

(May 8, 2013) Jim joined Tim Hudak and Steve Clark for a press conference today to announce a motion the PCs are tabling to demand answers over the Gas Plant scandal.  For the full press release click on the link below

 Time for Accountability from the Liberals - And NDP

It’s time for the Liberals to be held to account for treating public money like a political credit card in the gas plants scandal, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak said today.

“The Liberals have not been working for the people – but to protect their own political power. Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty himself have both made that clear now,” Hudak said.

“But in some back room at Queen’s Park, the Liberals and the NDP are determined to block our effort to make the government accountable. If that’s the case, both parties need to explain why.

“So today we’ll call on them to stand up and give their reasons to Ontarians. “Do they think the gas plants scandal crosses a line – or not?”

Ontarians deserve a government that puts their interests ahead of Liberal politics, Hudak added. “And they deserve a vote on whether the Liberals deserve to keep governing.”

PC Deputy House Leader Steve Clark said questioning Dalton McGuinty in a Legislative committee yesterday was like pinning Jello to the wall: “But it’s clear he masterminded this heist. We can’t let Andrea Horwath drive the getaway car.”

Hudak said Ontario is on the wrong path. “Every extra day with the Liberals in charge means more lost jobs, more spending and more debt.

“Are the NDP still eager to support a Wynne-McGuinty government they themselves call dishonest?” 

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