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Wilson to Premier: It is time to test the confidence of this House

(April 30, 2013) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson rose in the Legislature today to challenge Premier Kathleen Wynne to call the Want of Confidence Motion he tabled yesterday in regards the Liberals latest scandal over the cancelled gas plants. 

“Colin Andersen from the Ontario Power Authority said that your gas plant Oakville decision is at least $310 million dollars. That’s eight times the amount you stood and told this house,” said Wilson. “What is even more disgusting is the Premier’s arrogance by saying this week that this House only gets one confidence vote and that would be the budget, that’s her decision and forget the parliamentary rights of the rest of you.”

Wilson continued to challenge the Premier on why she won’t call the confidence motion if she believes she has the confidence of the House.  He underlined the fact that the budget to be tabled will be overseen by a Premier who has been untruthful and a Minister of Finance whose seat was bought with one of the gas plant decisions. 

“Premier you chaired the meeting where the Oakville cancellation was approved, you signed off on the Cabinet minute approving the cancellation of Oakville, you stood in this House and you told us a dollar number that you knew was not the whole truth,” said Wilson “Who’s telling the truth, the person you put up as an expert and said that we should respect, long-time civil servant Colin Andersen, or you, the Premier?" 

The Premier conceded that Colin Anderson was telling the truth. Wilson concluded by reiterating his call for the vote of non-confidence to give Ontarians a voice in whether the scandal-plagued Liberals still deserve to run the province.

“We can understand the Liberals wanting to buy off the NDP in an attempt to cling to power during the budget discussions, but what we can’t understand on this side of the House is why it’s in the best interest of taxpayers or the half a million people unemployed in this province to keep this government going, to in any way prop up this government,” said Wilson. “[Premier] call the non-confidence vote.”

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